The Service Agreement

The parties:

Single Case, s.r.o.
ID No.: 02894815
with registered seat at Národní 973/41, Old Town, 110 00 Prague 1
registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 225059
represented by Pavel Krkoška, the executive director
(hereinafter as the „Provider“)


[Company name]
ID No.:                      
with registered seat at                      
registered in the                                                                                
(hereinafter as the „Client“)

concluded on the following day, month and year in accordance with Section 1746 para. 2 of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, this service agreement (hereinafter as the „Agreement“)

1. The subject matter of the Agreement

1.1. The subject matter of this Agreement is an obligation of the Provider to provide the Client with license for usage of software application for administration of legal files Singlecase and related services as specified in the Product list, which forms the attachment no. 1 to the Agreement (hereinafter as the „Service“), under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The subject matter of this Agreement further encompasses obligation of the Client to pay the agreed price, under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.2. The Provider provides the Service through internet domain and its subdomains, unless the Product list states that the Service will run on servers of the Client by the Provider. The Service means providing access to the Singlecase application and related services provided to the Client.

1.3. The Provider will provide the Client with following number of licenses (user accounts) to the SingleCase:    license. During the duration of the Agreement, the Client is entitled to activate or deactivate his user accounts and thus to increase the number of licenses.

1.4. The extent of related Services is defined in the Product list. The Product list defines the individual partial Services in terms of content, system requirements and the manner of their activation in details.

1.5. The Client takes into consideration that transfer of data of the Client in/out of the Singlecase application is not part of the Service.

1.6. Part of the content of this Agreement is determined in the terms and conditions („T&C“) which forms attachment no.2 to this Agreement.

2. The Price

2.1. Price, which the Client undertakes to pay to the Provider for provided Service, is stated in the price list, which forms attachment no.3 to this Agreement. The Provider reserves the right to change the price list in the course of providing the Service.

3. The Payment conditions

3.1. The billing period is one calendar month.

3.2 The Provider shall issue an invoice to the Client always within 14 days after the beginning of each billing period covered, and send it to the e-mail address of the Client in electronic form. The invoice due date is agreed on 14 days from the date of its issuance.

4. The duration of the Agreement

4.1. The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

5. Termination of the Agreement

5.1. The contractual relationship established by this Agreement ends by withdrawal from the Agreement, termination of the Provider or the Client as a legal entity with liquidation, by termination notice or by an agreement of the parties. The manner of termination of the contractual relationship is regulated by T&C in details.

5.2. After the termination of the Agreement, the Client will be provided with the access of all data stored within the Service for a period of three months under the administrator’s user account and that in a format that enables their archiving. The Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that the data of the Client will be irretrievably erased after the expiration of this period. Disclosure of the data will not be enabled to the Client if the Client will be in delay with payment of any debt or if the termination of the Agreement by the Provider was caused by violation of the obligations established by this Agreement by the Client.

5.3. The Parties agree that the Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend T&C, Product lists and Data security system in a reasonable extent. In this case the Provider shall notify the Client about these changes on the website and also via e-mail. The Client is entitled to reject these changes within one month from delivery of the notification. If the Client rejects these changes, he is entitled to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of art. 14.4. of T&C.

6. Final Provision

6.1. This Agreement becomes effective upon signature by both parties.

6.2. The following attachment are integral parts of the Agreement:

  1. Attachment no.1 – Product list
  2. Attachment no.2 – T&C
  3. Attachment no.3 – Price list
  4. Attachment no.4 – Data security system
  5. Attachment no.5 – Service blackout resolution

6.3. By signing this Agreement, the Client confirms that he is well acquainted with all attachments to this Agreement in accordance with its art. 6.2. and that they are available on the internet domain of the Provider

6.4. With regard to the art. 9.6 of T&C, the Provider undertakes that he will not disclose or provide Client’s data stored in SingleCase application to a third party, that he will keep them in secret and take all contractual and technical measures to prevent their misuse or disclosure, resulting mainly from the document “Data security system “, which constitutes attachment no. 4 to this Agreement. In the event of breach of this obligation, the provisions of the art. 15.1 of the T&C does not apply. The Parties agree, however, that the total amount of damages that the Provider may be obliged to reimburse is CZK 500,000 (in words: five hundred thousand Czech crowns).

6.5. The Client acknowledges and agrees that all of his data stored in the SingleCase application will be located on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. With respect to the art. 16.1 of the T&C, the Provider declares that the data of the Client will be treated within the meaning of the Directive 95/46/EC, while this data does not leave the European Economic Area.

6.6. The Provider undertakes to process submitted data of clients of the Client according to the law on protection of personal data and also undertakes not to use such personal data for offering of business and services and not to publish it in any way.

6.7. The Parties declare that they have read this Agreement, that this Agreement reflects their true, free and serious will and that it was not concluded under duress or under conspicuously unfavourable conditions.


Provider                                                                          Client


In __________ on ___________                             In_________ on_________


Single Case, s.r.o.
Pavel Krkoška, the executive director

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