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Zdeněk Tomíček (CEE Attorneys): A lawyer can’t be a Partner unless he delivers a sufficient amount of work.

In this interview, we asked Zdeněk Tomíček how it’s possible to build an international law firm in five countries, how can one reach customers abroad and how important it is to fairly reward bringing along new clients.

ludekThree years ago, Tomíček founded his own law firm Tomíček Legal which he upgraded to CEE Attorneys a year later. The international company now employs nearly 4O lawyers in four European countries. We asked Judr. Zdeněk Tomíček how he runs his firm and what was the key to a succesful expansion of his network.

Prior to starting his own business, Tomíček worked for DLA Piper and PwC Legal. At DLA Piper, he was gaining valuable work experience at their London office. Today, a firm he co-founded has branches in four countries — the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Lithunia. In September, a new subdivision will open in Romania whereas negotiations to start yet another one are being held in Bulgaria. CEE Attorneys advocates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia use SingleCase for time accounting and manager reporting.

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