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Be Our PHP Backend Star

We are SingleCase and we are hiring
. For more about us see who we are.

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Why do we do SingleCase?
We bring modern tech into the traditional legal market.
We are here for the new generation of lawyers and their clients.

Why do we need you?
SingleCase is expanding to new countries. We want to burn all loose ends
that slow us down and introduce new stuff on a cutting-edge technology.

Ahead of us is a lot of…
Playing with API’s to integrate SingleCase with third parties when developing new features
Taking the web app and making it run on desktop using Electron technology (used by Slack)
Cleaning up continuously. Code, server infrastructure, UX.

What will be your mission
Create a module to grant access to SingleCase for clients of our clients
Gamify the way SingleCase works with timesheets (the most favourite feature of SC clients)
Leverage new tech to allow sync of documents between web app and desktop

What’s in it for you
Learn how to write better code through code reviews
Debug and neat up an app already used by 80+ law companies
See how to run app & servers in a fast growing startup environment

What you may find super cool about our tech
Electron platform
Cloud servers run by Amazon
Encryption with user-owned keys, playing with security.

What will come in handy
Basic Linux
Clean code history
Passion for cracking problems
Top-down analytical approach
Resilience and sense of humour
Want to join? Write us:

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