SingleCase Changes Law Firms For Better

See how SingleCase improves the functioning of more than 70 law firms.

Migration info

Employees get used to SingleCase easily

SingleCase is easy to handle so one can learn how to use it within a short time. SingleCase eliminates a lot of “painful” processes – that’s why using it is in every employee’s interest. The initial training is a matter of just a few dozens of minutes.

We will help you with transferring to SingleCase

We will help you migrate your data to SingleCase and prepare everything you need so you can start anew and overcome all administration shortcomings from the past. If necessary, we will provide you with a free-of-charge training.

How migration works

Prepare documents in clients’ files Upload data to a secured server Fill in invoicing and other entries We can help you with migration from other systems.
SingleCase at your disposal

SingleCase at your disposal

See how it takes care of your documents, reports, deadlines, mails and invoices.
Security under scrutiny

Security under scrutiny

All documents are transformed into a complex, non-readable code; only you hold the key to translate the code. See how we encipher and back up your law firms' crucial data.
Start your free trial

Start your free trial

No strings attached. See how you can grow your business with SingleCase.


Zdeněk Tomíček runs an office network in 5 European countries

"I can measure the amount of work each partner brings and how individual lawyers earn money for themselves."

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Luděk Vrána (Vrána & Partners), engaged in disputes worth more than 60 billion CZK

"Single case is simple, well arranged and offers a logical and intuitive setting. We got easily used to it within a couple of days."

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Jakub Kříž, an advocate who took part in preparation of the church property restitution law

"I like the fact that I can work wherever I am. We can throw our computer away, get a new one and data will still be available right away."

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