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The SingleCase complete The best quality / price ratio

A perfect overview of developments at the office and individual records
All SingleCase functions unlimited

SingleCase will become the managing centre of your firm. Using the tasks, you will be able to distribute work even if you’re not at the office. The tasks are interconnected with documents and reports so you can control the quality of work / price ratio. You can see the reports live and you can issue an invoice within a few minutes.

27 €

month / user
or you can choose a simplified version

Documents in a record

Contains the same features as the Electronic record version and on top of that it offers:

Unlimited access to documents, anywhere you are
Automatic versioning including online adjustments
Unlimited space for documents
Unlimited amount of records

Use SingleCase to save your documents together with electronic records. You will be able to reach them from any device, including your mobile phone. The documents are versioned automatically – each employee works with the current version and the old ones won’t be rewritten.

16 €

month / user

Money in a record

Contains the same features as the Electronic record version and on top of that it offers:

Quick record keeping of reports
Worked hours adjustment, an overview for a client and invoicing
Manager reporting
Unlimited amount of records

Provide your law firm with a unified and on-time system for work reporting. Report hinting and a mobile app timer ensure you that reports are entered immediately and they can’t get lost. Within a few clicks you can check reports, adjust the working hours and issue an invoice. Then you can send it to a client with an attachment included.

16 €

month / user
or use a version for starting firms and students

Electronic record Up to 10 records

It takes care of electronic record management including e-mail synchronization, data messages and physical mail administration, tasks and terms notifications and it synchronizes them into a calendar.

4 €

month / user

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