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Description of service

SingleCase is an application for administration of legal files which contains two basic modules. The first is the document storage specifically designed for the storage of legal documents, files and related agenda. It automatically ensures document versioning, their sharing, allows fulltext search in documents and opens them for editing in Microsoft Word. Mail, deadlines, tasks and notes can be imported to the files. The second one is the billing module that provides time reporting, editing of reports and billing of work. Reported work and issued invoices provide a basis for management reporting of income and expenses.

Physically, the documents are stored in encrypted form on the servers of our partner Amazon, leader in cloud solutions, and guarded at the bank level of security. Alternatively, we also allow to run SingleCase application on document storage in your office (see below technical options for running SingleCase).

For whom the service is intended

  • Small law firms and independent attorneys which still use computer disk, shared disk, or online storage for storing documents.
  • Mid-sized law firms which until recently stored documents using shared disk, DMS tools or system for operating law firms.
  • Big law firms which use the information system for operating law firms, but are not satisfied with the options for document administration or with the complexity of the system.
  • Corporate legal department, to which we offer document customized storage. For details please contact us at

How to start

You can establish your own storage within three minutes directly on the website. You always get it for testing free of charge and without obligation. After filling information about the office we will directly establish new storage, in which you can immediately invite your colleagues and set up your first file. If you want to use your IT specialist for establishment of the file, you can, the system count with this possibility.

You can drag your first documents to the file from the computer (you can also click on and drag your e-mails or multiple documents at once into the application), import them from an e-mail program (each file has its own address for receiving electronic mail), upload ZFO document after downloading them from a data box or scanned physical documents. From that moment, we take care for sharing, maintenance of current versions and searching of the content for you.

Will be happy to help you with the transfer of the files or the documents from your shared disk or other storage, do not hesitate to contact us at the site of technical support or at

Benefits for lawyers

  • Simple reporting with pre-filling of time: count the time spent on each case. We can suggest and pre-file the reports for you – and make this unpopular activity more comfortable.
  • Billing: working with different types of billing, system can also work with special variants (two hourly rates after reaching the flat rate/cap etc.), allows modification of reports (cut), inclusion in the flat rate, generates documents for billing. It can count future cashflow (list of unfinished work).
  • Management reporting of income and expenses: provides summaries by clients and files (all files, all clients, files of the respective client, files of a responsible attorney). We count reported work compared to work billed, recovery rate, real hourly rate. By lawyers, we measure efficiency of work (real hourly income, the ratio of billed hours).
  • Accessibility of the system from anywhere: With the help of cloud solution, the documents, files and all metadata are available in the SingleCase system 24 hours a day. Routine system availability is 99.98% of time.
  • Simple uploading: Documents can be added to the file by simple dragging with mouse into the application or forwarding by e-mail. Immediately we take care of sharing them with all lawyers with access to the file.
  • Direct integration with Word: By a single mouse click you can open the document for viewing and editing in Word. After saving the document is automatically uploaded back to the application.
  • Automatic versioning: Whenever you save the edited document or upload the document in its current form, new version of the document will be created in the application – the old ones are whenever available. We will also take care about automatic control against simultaneous editing and about quick comparison of the contents of the documents.
  • Fulltext search of the content of the document: There is a full text search of all the content of the documents, mails, tasks and all their metadata.
  • Timeline for the overview of the file development: Any major revisions, e-mails from the client, future deadlines or notes on the progress of the case can be seen clearly on the timeline of the file.
  • Administration of the mail of the file: To SingleCase files, not only the documents but also related mail received to data boxes, by e-mail or physically can be uploaded. Important communication related to the file is always at hand (even if it was received by your colleagues), and you can access it directly from the system to respond.
  • Monitoring of deadlines and tasks: You can create events and tasks for specific attorneys to the files – so you do not miss any appointment or deadline. Deadlines and tasks checks SingleCase for you and it will automatically notify you via e-mail. You can also synchronize them with your Outlook calendar.
  • Notes to the files and documents: You are used to add notes to documents, tasks, or entire case you’re working on? We thought so. In the SingleCase, it is simple.
  • Works on tablet and on mobile phone: We provide applications for mobile phones, which monitors deadlines, shows changes in the file and allows documents preview. Included is also a tablet version with the same functions as a PC application. We support iOS and Android.
  • Robust backup: Your documents are automatically backed up on multiple physically separate locations simultaneously, so you never lose them.

Tariffs and operation variants

SingleCase services can be ordered within four paid tariffs according to applicable price list. The services can be tried without obligation for period of 30 days – then we will contact you with a request for payment of the invoice for the continuation of the services.

SingleCase is provided in two technical variants that differ in the place where all the data are stored and from which the system is running. The recommended option is a cloud storage solution, when you can establish the service online from the website The advantages are high accessibility, professional backup, document security and all the maintenance that is included in the price and in our management.

An alternative option is a solution with your own server, which runs directly from your office. We recommend it for those cases where you have already invested in technical equipment and you have IT administrators capable of providing technical support only.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of both variants is in the following table:

Private cloud (default, recommended) Own server
Documents are encrypted during saving and transmission. Encryption keys in the possession of the office (not on the server). Commonly you can only encrypt the entire disk, not individual documents. Encryption keys held the office (stored on the server).
Physically guarded access to servers Usually difficult to solve in the case of placement in the office
Unlimited document storage* Capacity is limited by IT equipment in the office, easy solvable
Guaranteed accessibility 99,5 %** Accessibility of the service is generally worse (dependent on HW of the office)
For ensuring of running it is necessary to have limited access of the Provider to the data according to condition of Service Data is entirely in administration of IT office, access of the Provider can be completely blocked
Backup 24/7 on several separated places There are available backup scripts for IT offices
Regular updates included in the price (max 1x per month) Updates provided and paid extra (max 3x per year)
Regular security audits of applications and environments Regular security audits of application
Maintenance of HW and SW is included in the price Only application is included in the price

* Subject to the principle of rational use
** Excluded are planned unavailability of the services. In the case of lower accessibility we return a fee for the respective month

Security of documents and confidentiality obligation of an attorney

SingleCase is running on EC2 cloud servers of Amazon, which data centres are protected by physical secured mechanisms including military perimeter. Access to the facilities is granted only to authorized persons. Physically, the documents are stored in encrypted form on Amazon’s servers in Germany and Ireland, and your data and data of your clients will never leave countries of European Economic Area (EEA).

Sensitive data are encrypted before saving by 256-bit AES encryption, which is a high standard of encryption. Data transfer is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption and certificates of trusted certificate authorities. Electronic versions of documents are constantly backed up to the backup server.

We know that in SingleCase you will also have stored documents covered by confidentiality obligation of the attorney pursuant to § 21 of Act on Legal Profession.

We are also aware of the possibility of criminal proceedings authorities to carry out inspections of premises in which the attorney practices law under § 85b of the Criminal Procedure Code, ie. with necessary cooperation of the Czech Bar Association.

In this context, the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court issued on 25 June 2015 an opinion (Tpjn 306/2014), which, among other things, stated that the place of conducting legal profession is also the storage to which information about clients can be stored, processed and used that are operated by a party different form an attorney allowing remote access via internet network, and that for such a place it is also used procedure pursuant to § 85b of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Such place is of course also SingleCase. Therefore we can guarantee that if criminal proceedings authorities turns to us as to intermediary of providing cloud storage regarding the exercise of such inspection, we are of course ready to immediately inform both you and the Czech Bar Association.

Technical requirements

All you need to run the SingleCase is an ordinary PC with an internet browser. For the safe functioning we recommend:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X
  • Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and higher
  • Actual Java with enabled Java browser plugin (only for functionality of automatic opening and saving documents). Update 9/2016: we are gradually replacing module with direct access to the documents on disk without using Java
  • For mobile access, there are applications for iOS and Android available
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