Who we are

SingleCase is developed, managed and constantly being improved by 24 people.

Who we are Who we are
There are 280 law firms running on SingleCase.
We’ve got 1200+ active users.
We’re active in 3 EU countries and growing.

Why we started

When consulting with our advocate we found out he was concerned about the complexity of his records management software, lengthy records searching and the amount of time that his lawyers waste everyday raking over records. He asked us to create a system for him that would excel in simplicity and usefulness.

Since then, we’ve met hundreds of advocates, concipients and company lawyers and asked them about their needs and concerns. We’ve learnt that lawyers have been caught unprepared by computerization and they’ve still been waiting for a service that would bring them 21st century opportunities while maintaining the comfort and simplicity of a paper record.

What we aim for

Until fairly recently, advocacy services has resisted technologies and innovations. The trend has been changing over the past couple of years though. New business models adding to the traditional law firms are emerging and lawyers are getting more specialized. The competition is growing which forces lawyers to fight inefectiveness. Having a record at disposal is getting more and more important. So is the ability to run an office remotely, letting a client see a record or co-working on projects outside of one’s own office. Our goal is to enrich the law sector with modern technologies that will make this all possible.

Where to find us


Jan Drozd

Technická podpora

Billing information

Single Case Ltd

Zubatého 295/5
150 00, Prague 5


Czech Republic


Company Registration Number: 02894815
Registered at the Town court
in Prague, unit C, inset 225059

SingleCase at your disposal

SingleCase at your disposal

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Security under scrutiny

Security under scrutiny

All documents are transformed into a complex, non-readable code; only you hold the key to translate the code. See how we encipher and back up your law firms' crucial data.
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Start your free trial

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